School Success Data


Teachers have the hardest job in America. Among all the tasks that we juggle, two are paramount – curriculum and discipline. Neither is more important, nor can one be effective without the other. We give you the solution to effective classroom discipline so that you can have more time to teach!

Our classroom management seminars are attended by new teachers, seasoned teachers, administrators, specialists, both special and general education teachers, and parents. Our seminar is especially popular with discipline committees and school-wide groups interested in improving student scores.

Our nationally recognized instructors teach innovative and highly effective classroom management strategies at seminars and education conferences, in schools and districts, and are helping teachers everywhere!

You will find our seminars to be a breath of fresh air. Our “active duty” K-12 teacher-trainers live “in the trenches” on a daily basis and pride themselves in successfully using the research based strategies they teach to you in their own classrooms. You will receive highly practical and proven strategies which can be immediately implemented when you return to your classroom. Teachers and administrators who evaluate our training say that we are redefining teaching and learning in schools by providing powerful, easy-to-use, teacher friendly strategies that immediately improve classroom behavior. See our “school success data” page

Our seminar participants leave with a comprehensive Resource Handbook filled with teacher lesson plans, ideas, and easy-to-implement strategies!

Finally, our leading edge strategies are designed for any grade level and student profile and our sensible, respectful, and powerful and will forever improve your classroom and give you more time to teach and your students more time to learn. You will receive all of this and can also take the course for one semester graduate credit (optional and extra fee included).