Day 1: Classroom Management Testimonials

“I heard a teacher say this is the first seminar at Valdosta high School he could actually use. I agree. There were so many great ideas.”
-Math Teacher, Valdosta High School

“This was an excellent seminar–the best one, truly, I’ve been to. I am a caring teacher, not a screamer, and I haven’t found a way, until now, to be a fair and effective disciplinarian. I so appreciated this seminar–it was truly a gift.”
-Amanda, French Teacher

“This seminar was the best and most effective one I have ever attended in my 40 years of teaching.”
-Linda Tanis – 4th Grade Teacher

“Finally a workshop that covers information that is applicable to the classroom. I have been teaching for 23 years and this was the best time spent. Thank you very much.”
-Patricia McCreary – ESE/VE Teacher

“The strategies presented are inspirational and come across as “change” that can happen. Thanks for sharing this with us.”
-Maria Bordanaro, Assistant Principal

“This seminar was unbelievable and filled with good ideas. The ideas are simple to implement and effective. Thanks!”
-JB McNider, Social Studies Teacher

“Finally a workshop that teaches classroom management strategies that are applicable to MY classroom. I have been teaching for 23 years and this was the best time spent in a seminar. Thank you very much.”
-Patricia, ESE/VE Teacher

“What a wonderful seminar. You gave us a LOT of beneficial ideas and material I can use in my classroom to become a better teacher for my students.”
-Alicia Fisher, Special Education Multi-Categorical

“Wow! What an impact! A great session filled with a lot of strategies.”
-Amber Gwinn, Teacher

“I was thinking about retiring but after attending the Time To Teach seminar I have hope and my love for teaching has been rekindled. Thank you so much!”
-Judy, Elementary Teacher