Day 2: Differentiated Instruction Testimonials

“There was a lot of great information presented at this seminar that will be very useful in my classroom.”
-Michael Brisbois, Teacher

“Unbelievable! I now know how to differentiate to increase student engagement and motivation!”
-Kimberly Gray, 6th Grade Teacher

“Captivating and applicable. I have a new arsenal of strategies to engage my reluctant learners. So many great ideas I don’t know where to begin!”
-Jeri Hockensmith, Teacher

“The ideas and strategies started at 8AM and did NOT stop until 3PM. I cannot believe how much I learned. I will be a much better teacher!”
-Kyle Weinert, Elementary Teacher

“My class of learners is very diverse, and I was given a wealth of powerful (and fun!) strategies to address my students unique learning needs.”
-Maria Forsyth, Bilingual Teacher

“Tremendously fun! I can’t wait to try the storytelling strategies. My at-risk students will LOVE this!”
-JB McNider, Social Studies Teacher

“I have learned how to motivate apathetic students and how to zero in on their interests! It is amazing how powerful these strategies are!”
-Christopher Dickert, ED/BD Teacher

“I have never heard of using movement to generate and maintain positive feelings about learning…and it makes SO MUCH SENSE. I wish I was going right back to class to try this out!”
-Susanna Fluke, Special Education Teacher

“Phenomenal seminar. The best ever!”
-Dawn, Teacher

“The seminar content was ‘off the charts!’ The presenter was funny, engaging, and relevant!”
-Daniel, Science Teacher