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Maintaining a keen and calm mental set for classroom management
  • Learn to “read the room” and swiftly, positively, gracefully nullify challenges.
  • Predict and avert problem situations before they surface.
  • See and take the right course of action when challenged.
  • Learn to detect and correct classroom problems without stopping your teaching.
  • Avoid power struggles: Identify and eliminate your trigger and theirs too!
  • Learn to avoid “violating and agitating” by accidentally invading personal space.
  • Learn the art of setting effective limits, which are proportional, logical, reasonable, and fair.
  • Appear “strong and comforting” to your pupils.
Properly arranging and designing the classroom environment
  • Learn the “Teaching Power Position” and understand where you should and should not be.
  • Eliminate positions in the classroom where students will successfully challenge you.
  • Learn how to keep your students visually focused on top classroom priorities.
  • Position and arrange yourself and your students for maximum academic performance.
  • Learn fifteen POWERFUL desk arrangements from traditional to unorthodox.
Teaching-to and enforcing rules and procedures.
  • Learn to transform “unsocialized” kids into top classroom performers.
  • Teach students to behave appropriately in class and in social settings.
  • Learn why teaching behavior is as critical as teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.
  • Teach-to rules and routines and zoom through the curriculum like never before.
  • Teach students how to peacefully coexist in your classroom.
  • Teach students how to make the best use of their time and listen attentively.

Enjoy lunch on your own

Firmly but fairly carrying out disciplinary actions
  • Never again give multiple warnings or repeated requests!
  • Stop letting minor and major challenges over run important teaching time.
  • Start getting what is important to you.
  • Learn how to ask once and get what you want.
  • Stop hiding from difficult students or situations.
  • Start teaching every student with confidence and success.
  • Learn how to meet challenges head-on with respect, power, and confidence.
  • Stop letting minor discipline issues side-track your important lessons.
  • Start handling any classroom situation that arises.
  • Learn how to detect and correct events before they surface!
Building and maintaining strong student and teacher relationships
  • Learn how to build and maintain trust with challenging children.
  • Connect with combative students and lower their “melting points.”
  • Reach at risk children and turn them into productive classroom members.
  • Energize apathetic students and have them working like never before.
  • Support disenchanted youth and rekindle their passion to succeed.
  • Teach with passion and manage with compassion!
  • Make sure every student feels like a guaranteed member!
Bringing it all together and much more!
  • Facing the out of control student: Five immediate steps to take to regain classroom control.
  • Eliminate arguments, multiple warnings, and repeated requests–forever
  • Say good-bye to classroom management approaches that make more work for you, the teacher.
  • Be the boss.
  • Earn respect.
  • Command center stage.
  • Wipe out misbehavior.
  • Increase positive behavior.
  • Never again “drain valuable teaching time” on matters of discipline!
  • Maximize student learning