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What Your Colleagues Are Saying…

“We were all hooked from the first minute on. You could tell that our presenter has spent many, many years in classrooms. Denver Public School teachers enjoyed and learned so much that we had our trainer come back and train in our schools . . . and the results have been astonishing!”
Rick Dutton, Director of Elementary Education – Denver Public Schools

“Five blue stars! The presenter taught us how to be firm, yet fair with our students. I feel confident that I can handle literally any event in my classroom in a positive fashion.”
Deb Ptasky, counselor

“What a wonderful seminar. What a useful seminar! The presenter shared the most powerful solution to problem behavior I’ve ever heard of. I wish I would have learned this stuff in college.”
Mick Endley, 2nd grade teacher

“My principal requested that I attend this seminar quite frankly because I was on professional assistance. After struggling for two years with discipline issues I finally have a plan that will work for myself and my students. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Anonymous, new teacher

“Unbelievable! This trainer was the most entertaining speaker I have ever heard! He taught our teachers how to restore civility in their classrooms, gave us tons of useful and practical tips, and was funny and entertaining! The seminar was riddled with tools and techniques that our teachers will use on a daily basis.”
Darrell Rud, principal, President, National Association of Elementary School Principals

“Wow! Learn how to draw a line in the sand in your classroom, have high standards and happy students. What more could you ask for?!”
abc news.com

“I am a thirty year veteran. I thought I’d seen all; done all. However, I learned more today about successfully managing my classroom than I have in thirty-seven years of experience. Maybe I’ll sign on for another five years!”
Jim Nolstad, classroom teacher (6th grade)

“What a great lesson in humanity! This is the third time I’ve been to a “ITE” seminar and I learn so much more every time!
Sandra Shultz, principal

“Funny, warm, personable–she had a vast knowledge of how to run an effective classroom!”
Lori Valachm, 7th grade teacher

“Funny. Very, very funny. Informative. Very, very informative. Just what I expected from a “Time To Teach” seminar, and they delivered.”
Hope Kaye, special education teacher

“This seminar leader took a very complex issue (classroom discipline) and reduced it to an understandable, very easy set of strategies that any classroom teacher can use. I can’t wait to start school on Monday and try this out!”
Andy Smith, high school math teacher