star Can we purchase the Resource Handbook without attending the seminar?
Sorry, this answer is no. The extensive Resource Manual is designed to accompany a full-day training with a highly trained certified trainer.
star We would like to take the class for additional college credit. What do we do?
Graduate elective credit is offered through Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System. Your staff members who want credit must attend the entire seminar as well as complete a final project. One-day seminar syllabi are available at the training. Full details regarding college credit will be available at the seminar.
star What should we do if adverse weather conditions are expected? Do you ever cancel the seminar?
Unfortunately, we rarely cancel events if our instructor is unable to travel to the event site due to inclement weather. If schools in your area are closed due to inclement weather, please call your trainer the morning of the event.
star May I audiotape or videotape the seminar?
We are sorry that due to copyright issues we cannot give permission to audiotape or videotape events.
star In the event we need verification of our attendance (teachers) in order to meet district and/or state requirements, how do we obtain such verification?
All attendees will receive a personalized certificate of attendance at the end of the event which may be used to verify their participation in meeting continuing education requirements.
star When is our payment due?
A contract or purchase order is to be signed and received by our office before the training. Otherwise payment is due in our office prior to the event.
star Can we pay using a purchase order?
Yes, we gladly accept purchase orders. We must receive the purchase order before the training.